Thursday, September 30, 2010

All of my nothings

"Okay so there's this scene in Winnie the Pooh, where Christopher Robin tells Pooh that he is growing up and isn't gonna do nothing any more. And Pooh is confused and Christopher Robin says something along the lines of .. "it's like when an adult asks you what you're going to do today, and you so 'Oh, nothing' and then you go out and do it." That's sorta my definition of nothing. I always read that and wonder if I ever grew up because I still do that to this day.

It's like .. when you had a rough week and when the weekend finally comes around you just sleep in and watch your favorite tv shows all day. And some people sorta think, "You're such a bum sitting around doing nothing all day!" But doing that is actually something so very important to me cause it's time for me to relax and rest. Basically my overall meaning was that what may appear as nothing to the outside world actually has a lot of meaning and importance to me. And in my blog, I attempt to convey its importance so others may possibly understand as well.

Do not fret. I thank God each day for all of the amazing gifts He has provided me. Particularly for the wonderful clouds that make the sky so beautiful lately.."

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