Monday, December 14, 2009

Seemingly Powerless.

I think we tend to overlook a great deal in our lives and the actual power such overlooked things hold. (Did that make any sense?) It's the random messages shared between two friends throughout the day that seem like a bunch of nonsense to a third party that actually builds a bond between two people that no one can break. It's the slip of a cup that brings back a flood of memories and a great deal of laughter. It's the bagged lunches your mom still makes for you before you leave for school that tell you that she'll always be there for you. It's the one little sentence that gives you hope that everything will work out for the best. It's the kiss that still makes you wonder if the last few months were even real, as they seem far too good to be true. It's listening to that one song in your car that gets you smiling and happy every. single. freaking. time. It's making a wish at the same time every night that may seem incredibly childish to some, but sorta gives you a sense of hope for the impossible or for what you want most in the world.

Take a look at your day a little more closely.
Chances are you might have overlooked something too.

On a random note, my friends are coming home this week. Not just some of them, but basically ALL of them. I am quite excited, and clearly my words here are not even doing the excitement justice.

When I was at Walgreens today, I saw a card that was labeled in the category "It's been a while, but I'm always here to be your friend." They make pre-made cards for everything now. I wonder how difficult it would be write cards like that, like in (500) Days of Summer! Fun.


rOnaMaGlian said...

i havent seen your room still :(
please invite me over during break ;)

i miss you

Rachel said...

i can't even remember how not to text randomly now.

i love you (: