Sunday, December 13, 2009


I am naturally a worry wart. I cannot help it when I start to worry about something small and automatically begin to over think it. Never mind the fact that this shows that I share a great deal of similar psychological symptoms to a person who is OCD. Indeed, I have looked back at certain moments in my life in which I worried about losing people and friendships and saw some freakish obsessive behavior going on. It's quite shameful for me now as I look back. If someone was angry or just didn't act their normal, happy self, I would simply assume that I did something wrong and they were mad at me. If there is even a slight chance that I forgot to bring something or get something done, I will not feel comfortable until I know for certain the task was completed. This was always just something I have accepted about myself throughout my life, and thus I sort of lived with it. I don't wanna anymore!

I want to not worry or over think, and just be happy with what I have. I want to ignore the stupid gut feeling I've got if ever it is telling me that something will not go my way. I want to learn to simply be grateful to the people around me and my God above for everything. It will be difficult.

I want to do well on my finals, therefore I must stop writing.
I just felt like writing...

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