Thursday, December 17, 2009


I want to write! I do not care if I still have studying left to do and that it's already 1:30 in the morning. I'm gonna just use the excuse that writing is a way of clearing my mind, therefore allowing me to do a better job at focusing on my studying later on.

Today was and ideal day, that I would not mind repeating anytime soon (besides all things school related: studying and taking tests). I think it's sorta funny that so many of my friends went back to Oxford, mainly with the intent of visiting the people who are still there, old teachers and the students who are still there. Yet, for me at least, it felt so wonderful to see how many of the alumni just came back and were able to catch up again. I am so very fond of all the people I crossed paths with today, people I only talked to for a few minutes and others who I hung out with over lunch.

I want to just freeze everything,
and somehow magically make sure that these people
will be in my life

I don't think I've felt this kind of happiness in a very long time.
It's utter contentment.
It's finally seeing a friend after months apart
and feeling so much reassurance
in seeing that we still click.
We're still as close as ever,
since period 2 Spanish.
It's walking around in bookstores
and looking at stuff we can't afford.
It's the hugs that aren't just hugs.
They are hugs that say,
"Hey, let's stay close like this forever.
Let me keep you forever."

It's sitting there and literally thinking to yourself,
"Is this real? I think it is.
Wow.. awesome."

Yeah... Today was a good day.


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i definitely have myself a pair of rainboots and have been doing a lot more splashing around in puddles and less inking up in santa cruz! :)