Friday, April 17, 2009

what you make of it.

there are times when life just throws you down, and you feel as though you may never get up. nothing can ever seem good again. the smile on you face lingers only for a few seconds until reality hits you, and you fall right back down again. "it's okay" never sounded so much like a lie, and every action and step is only followed my more misery. nothing you do seems to fix the broken.

there are times when anything and everything manages to make you angry, bitter, and annoyed simultaneously. you know in your head that you shouldn't snap back at other people and that they couldn't possibly realize that their actions suddenly drive you crazy to the point where resentment forms. every one of their past mistakes replays in your mind and the unjustified hatred grows stronger.

there are times when you manage to mess up. no matter how hard you try, the situation only gets worse and you question your own worth. your own capabilities. you lose all motivation you ever had in your life. your whole future can seem to crumble with one simple sentence. one simple phrase. it doesn't seem fair, but somehow you know you brought this upon yourself fromm the very start.

it's those times...
when you can lose hope.
when you can get angry.
when you can give up.

life's what you make of it.
it can suck.
or it can be amazing.
you have a lot more power over it than you think.
life's what you make of it.
(a lot harder said than done.)

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rona said...

reminded me of this song