Friday, April 17, 2009


note: i probably come off as somewhat hypocritical in some of these. somewhat.

1. spelling things weird on purpose.
people go to school only to spell words incorrectly on purpose when talking to friends? i understand when people use u if they're just lazy. but to go out of their way to talk to friends and to talk like dis and type yooh instead of you? rawr. type like that as much as you want just not to me. thank you, big brother, for stopping it early in 7th grade.

2. racial jokes.
okay, i'm a huge hypocrite for this. though i know people joke around about their own race, as i do sometimes, it can still hurt. there are just moments when you know a person is obviously joking around and by no means believes what comes out of his mouth. but those other moments when a person has the tone of humor, but you know they sincerely mean the insult behind the joke. its those moments. "gosh, i hate asians! but not you, kimly. you're different. you don't count." yes, i do. i'm very proud of who i am and where my family comes from. a stereotype does not truly define a group of people. i may not show it, but in those moments, a part of me does hurt. i do lose respect for you. i do take offense.

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