Wednesday, February 11, 2009

when i was a kid...

when i was a kid, the only reason my mom could get me to eat a carrot was because i loved taking a huge bite into and saying "what's up, doc?" i would watch cinderella religiously and wished the little birds could dress me too when i woke up every morning. when i was a kid, i thought my brothers and i were like animaniacs. lemonade stands were a summer tradition, where us kids easily racked in $150 in about two days. my neighbor would take me up on her roof just to eat lunch. super mario and paperboy were the only two video games i truly loved. when i was a kid, i was fearless on the jungle gym hanging upside down 10 feet off the grounds and crawling across the monkey bars. (tell me to do that today, and i will probably just laugh at you.) show and tell wasn't that great because other people alway brought in better things than me. when i was a kid, sour gummy worms were the best. my dad would be able to bribe me or cheer me up just by giving me orange tic tacs. my brother and i would try to take on my dad and wrestle on the bed, but we'd always lose. when i was a kid, the kids in my neighborhood and i would put on a musical shows for all of the neighbors. the only song i remembered was twinkle twinkle little star. when i was a kid, the only ice cream my dad would ever buy was neopolitan, and since my brother's favorite flavor was strawberry but he hated chocolate, i would only get chocolate with a little sneak of strawberry. when i was a kid, the only thing to stress out over was if there was a news report, and i couldn't watch my cartoons. but it was never anything chocolate or strawberry milk couldn't fix.

i would love to go back in time, just for a day. back when i was a kid.

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johnpvee said...

if i recall correctly, u watched beauty and the beast regularly.