Saturday, February 07, 2009

i think...

life is too short for wasted emotions. to be angered. to be jealous. to be annoyed. to be disappointed. to be depressed. to be misunderstanding. you find a fault and focus on the bad in life, to the point where said faults consume your mind and suddenly nothing else matters. you place yourself in a rather awkward state, and forget about everything and everyone else.

you don't realize how much you hurt other people in the process. you focus on your own wants and your own needs. and you become dangerously selfish in the process.

stand back and just take a look. you may realize that life is good. life is grand. it may not turn out exactly the way you would like, but it works none the less. your friends would die for you. your family sacrifices theirs lives for you. life is actually full of love and an endless number of people who would be more than willing to share some happiness with you.

take a look. you really are lucky to be alive today.

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