Thursday, December 18, 2008


1. my room tends to be cleaner during times when i have tests because i usually choose to clean as a form of procrastination.
2. blogging is another form of procrastination.
3. as healthy as it may be for me and as much as i've tried to drink it, i don't like tea.
4. giving presents to people is the funnest thing EVER.
5. shopping for them is also fun.
6. i don't know when this change occured within me, but i fear i've grown rather materialistic and have grown to really, really enjoy shopping.
7. i think it's dangerous and should probably try to quit.
8. calculus and i will NEVER be friends.
9. chemistry is just my enemy.
10. i LOVE the rain. i could walk around in it for hours at a time. it's just so much fun to jump around in puddles and feel five again.
11. sadly, i don't own enough warm clothes for this frightfully cold weather.
12. tonight made me miss volleyball.
13. one of my worst flaws is that i never finish reading the majority of the books i come across.
14. my ability to focus is greatly lacking.
15. i'm pretty bad when it comes to planning events.


James Li said...

i wanna see that videoooo! haha

johnpvee said...

hmm... i suck at finishing books, too. must be genetic. the real ironic thing is that i love buying books.