Monday, December 15, 2008

9 heartaches.

there are nine times when your heart hurts. there's the time when you're frightfully nervous for what's to come, whether it be a performance in front of a big audience or your first day at a new job. your heart pounds harder than normal and your trembling hands seem to be noticeable to all. there's the time when it physically hurts because you ate too much fried chicken for dinner that night and heartburn decides to kick in. there's the time when a numbing feeling in your left arm follows the pain in your heart. i suggest calling 911 in this case. there's the time right after you've sprinted a hundred meters, far too fast for your own good. there's my personal favorite when you think of that one person who's mere existence makes life seem that much better. the one who seems to occupy your first thoughts as you wake each morning and the last of them each night. this is a physical pain in your heart, but it's a good kind of hurt. it makes you realize that you really aren't dreaming, and you sorta wish it lasted just a few seconds longer. there's the time when you're so disappointed, your heart seems to sink and somehow finds itself in your stomach. there's the time when you feel so heartbroken, your heart seems split in two and you find yourself looking for tape or glue to put it back together. without some form of mending, your heart feels dysfunctional and would only work with gallons of ice cream in you. there's the time when you're so excited the adrenaline in you makes your heart beat three times too fast for it's own good. you've found something good in life and you find yourself wanting more. and finally, there's the worst time. the one when you lose something so dear to you that your heart becomes strange to you. it beats as normal to remind you that you're still living, yet feels rather like a rock in your chest that you just want to be rid of. it's the one where you know life won't quite be the same, yet its continual beats tell you that you must move on, though how long it will take is not quite clear.

no matter what kind of heartache you feel, one solution that seems to always work is time. impatience may seem like your shadow, but still, time really does help.


rona said...

gallons of ice cream DOES do wonders.

The Mean Post said...

i hate that feeling. good reads always help. for some strange reason, it does.