Saturday, October 25, 2008

you make me feel.

...giddy when you used to tell me how much you liked my eyes. when you surround me with your hug.
...grateful when you constantly stand by my side no matter what.
...nostalgic when you remind me of how thing used to be.
...scared when you tell me about your amazing future and remind my lack of one.
...excited when you talk of europe.
...happy when you smile at me.
...recognized when you compliment me for the first time.
...hurt when you lie to me.
...amused when you go along with my silly ways.
...frustrated when you fail to simply let things go and make the best of things.
...annoyed when you don't let me go.
...hopeful when you believe in me.
...guilty when you have so much faith in me and i have none.
...talented when you're so amazed at my work.
...loved when you take care of me.
...lucky when you are simply you and remind of how much i have in my life.


Anonymous said...

he may of finally recognized your talent but we believed in you all along, even before this improvement. so don't change your attitude towards us or him simply because of one compliment. because it seems like you have.

tara said...

awwww....i recognized one of em was about me! hehe