Wednesday, October 15, 2008

piggy back.

when she was first born, she couldn't walk yet,
so her mom carried her home from the hospital.
when she was two, she still couldn't swim,
so big brother held her close all the way to the deep end.
when she was three, she wanted to grow taller faster,
so her daddy carried her on his shoulders.
when she was six, school was still too far for her short legs
so mom drove her every morning.

life seemed simple, until her mom said,
"you can't expect us to carry you forever.
you need to learn to live on your own."
so she took her own first steps.
but soon, life grew difficult.
& she was scared to ask for help.
until she felt herself being carried once again.
and heard his voice say,
"sometimes it's okay to get a piggyback ride now and again."


Big Nose said...


you need to sleep more


blog posts deleted are the ones most enticing

tara said...

did you writee this??
it's adorablee..