Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So I consider myself a rather observant person.. I suppose more than the average person. After going to large schools in recent years and not having that many friends to interact with, I've found myself just staring at people around me, taking in unique characteristics and such. Yeah, it's kinda weird. But there were 2 particular observations that stood out today. And I just feel like sharing just because.

1. It always kinda surprises me how many hipsters go to my school. Today I noticed one in particular with a familiar face.. long, shaggy hair tied in a ponytail, fake Raybans, fitted pants rolled up above the ankle.  It would not surprise me if I saw this guy wearing a green vest tomorrow and ask me to save some whales. But when he turned around, dangling from his burlap knapsack was a freaking solar charger. Coolest guy ever.

2. While at a stoplight close to home, I was stopped close to a once white van, now stained gray with age. It was the large windowless van that small bands might decide to do tours in. Mostly, it's known as the van girls tend to avoid because you can enter it and not come out alive. On the dashboard, I noticed a skull. Weird thing #1. As it speeds past me, I see the fish magnet that can be found on many cars. But instead of saying "Jesus," like most do, it said "Satan." I then proceeded to curse in my head (and maybe a little out loud). Weird thing #2. As I drove past, I inadvertently turned and saw a bearded man in his late twenties just staring at me. I never want to leave my house again.

Most useless post ever. :)

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