Sunday, March 18, 2012

Finals Week pt. 2!

Random things:

-I literally sat in the same chair for 10 hours straight yesterday, minus maybe10 minutes for one bathroom break.
-My library diet: Cheez it party mix, red bull, kettle chips, bugles, dried mangoes, 2 crushed thin mints, and leftover rice.
-Yesterday while I had to walk up a giant hill in the pouring rain I realized that both of my rain boots are torn. This is not okay. I don't remember what I did before I had rain boots.
-It's been so cold lately, and I remember thinking in the shower yesterday that it is perfect pho weather. But I was bummed cause 1. I didn't think I'd have time to go 2. I had no one to go with. But today, I told myself to get out of bed 5 minutes before I had planned to, so I could say goodbye to my landlords. And they invited me out to eat pho! It was great. I have the most awesome landlords evaa. (haha.. "evaaa")
-There was the most freaking cute hipster couple that sat next to me at the library yesterday. It would've been disgusting of they weren't so endearing.
-Sundays Pandora playlists so far: The Beatles & The Shins
-Point estimation and hypothesis testing are gonna kick my butt.
-I realized the more I study, the more I simultaneously procrastinate on Pinterest.

I really, really like this cover by Ben Folds.

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johnpvee said...

good luck sistah! looking forward to spending some QT with you this weekend (hopefully outdoors weather permitting). and if it makes you feel any better... point estimation and hypothesis testing are more useful than 90% of the math you learn in college.