Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Threadsence Lookbook!

Threadsence Lookbook!
I give up trying to make it look cool.. haha.

Secret (which may not be so secret): I love lace. All things lace. I always have, but more recently have embraced that love so much more. It's pretty obvious if you just glance at my closet. And after working where I do for a little over a year, how could I not also fall in love with anything covered in floral print?

So naturally, this lookbook now has a place in my heart. I am totally and completely being dramatic, but I do not care. This lookbook is amazing with some wonderful photography by Vu Bui and Mai Trinh.

Many people think that spending money and so much time on clothes is such a waste. But it's only a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason. It's a lifestyle, and in this case, it's quite the lacy lifestyle. Enjoy! :)

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