Tuesday, October 20, 2009

vampire cousin.

i have conquered you!
and your evil ways.

your presence always seemed to linger,
didn't it?
you constantly posed as a threat
to me,
to my happiness,
to my mere future.
even now when you're gone,
you still manage to.
and i don't like you for that.

i'm pretty sure you hated me.
you probably still do
as i type these very words.

i think of you
as a vampire.
or at least a cousin of one.
you suck the life out of people around you.
or maybe it's just your secret obsession with them
that you attempt to cover up
by mocking them with your other little friends.
but i know you.
you deceive people.

i don't want to be your friend,
but i still hate that i hurt you.
it doesn't matter, does it?
you only choose carefully who you want to stay close to.
i wasn't one of those people.
i wasn't worth it.
makes me want to hurt you even more.

(i killed a mosquito in the bathroom like 12 minutes ago. this was to him. or her. i couldn't tell. i'm a little loopy right now. i don't want to do calculus homework anymore. curses. i hate vampires. except that one juno song! good song..random.)

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rachel om said...

procrastination makes your head go silly, kimly.
p.s. your blog header says writings of a high school girl but you're in college now! :O