Sunday, November 30, 2008


there are nine days left of my childhood. it doesn't feel like it... i'm not particularly excited. or sad. in like three days i'll get all moody and nostalgic and ish. people won't want to be around me, but they'll put up with my anyway cause they're friends. and that's what friends are for... (thanks for putting up with me.)

"how old are you?"

ps. i still don't know why i wore an a feather on my head like an indian for my birthday ...
pss. i had the cooest haircut EVER.


Sarah said...

aww sucha cute picture :]
i have alot of pictures like this, my brothers are smiling but im never looking at the camera. im either looking at my hand trying to make a peace sign or off in my own world.

ah it still hasnt hit me that im 18. i dont know if im sad or happy. such a weird feeling.

ms. tara said... what a happy little kid.

alex said...


Jeffrey said...

Your so cute! And nice Indian hat.