Wednesday, November 12, 2008

all you need is love.

i wonder...if the words "i love you" can be said too much. or maybe too soon? now i know the beatles were right in saying that all you need is love, but how do you know if it's real or not? i do believe that the words can be used too much. it's been built up in songs and movies to the point where people may think they understand what it's like to love someone. and it is not their fault or necessarily a bad thing. i just think people love the idea of having that one special person in their life more than the person themself, not that i'm saying this love is fake. but love cannot happen overnight. as much as a hopeless romantic i may be, i do not believe in love at first sight. but above all things i do believe in love. in certain situations, i believe the words used far too liberally, yet in this hateful world we've come to know, the words are not said enough. i'm contradicting myself... i don't know how to explain it.

i do believe in love.

i believe in love for God. i believe in love for parents. i believe in love for siblings. i believe in love for friends. i believe in love for dogs or cats or turtles. i believe in love for music. i believe in love for a stranger. i believe in love for that one other person. i believe in love for food. i believe in the love people write songs about. i believe in the love supposedly only found in movie. i believe in the fumbling over the right words kind of love. i believe in the everlasting love. i believe in the 'i-love-you-so-i-must-let-you-go' love. i believe in the uncertainty of love. i believe in excitement of love and the simple joy of love. i believe in heartbreaking love. i believe in young love and old. above all things i believe in love.


tara said...

i believe in love except the type where you want to cut off all your hair to show you how much you love them..cuz i'm just not down for that.

Anonymous said...

Love isn't to keep, to dream of, to desire, to define, or to expect.
How can you say you don't believe in love at first sight when you're actively denying it of any worth?
How can you define love
as something you have to wait for?
Something you have to qualify?

Can you have love without freedom?

In my eyes, very few of us will ever experience love, but for the few that have, I imagine the feeling is unparalleled.

"Labels seem to give satisfaction. We accept the category to which we are supposed to belong as a satisfying explanation of life. We are worshippers of words and labels; we never seem to go beyond the symbol, to comprehend the worth of the symbol. By calling ourselves this or that, we ensure ourselves against further disturbance, and settle back. One of the curses of ideologies and organized beliefs is the comfort, the deadly gratification they offer. They put us to sleep, and in the sleep we dream, and the dream becomes action. How easily we are distracted! And most of us want to be distracted; most of us are tired out with incessant conflict, and distractions become a necessity, they become more important than 'what is'. "