Monday, May 14, 2012

Ruche Inspired Decorative DIY Kites

So I've been wanting to make a kite like this ever since I saw them in the office during my winter break and thought they looked so incredibly cute. By the time I started helping out with the photo shoot props, all of the kites had been made already, so I just made the flowers. Anywaaay, I was very pleased at how easy and affordable this project was. 

Fabric and various prints of your choice 
Thin wooden stick (found in any local craft store)

Step 1:  The stick cut very easily with scissors. I just attached them together with scotch tape. 

Step 2:  Lay the cross on your main fabric of choice and cut the general shape of the kite out (see the picture below)

Step 3: This is where I was a bit lazy.. I just folded the edges over and used white glue to adhere it.  If I had more time, I probably would've sewn it.  Just make sure you don't use too much or it bleeds to the other side.  

 This is what the front looks like when you glue the edges down. (Sorry  I forgot to take a picture of the other side.) 

 Step 4: Again, my laziness took over. (I eyeballed a lot of this step.) I took the contrast fabric and lined up the corners with the center of the kite and glue them down. Once it was attached, I cut the excess fabric and glued down the edges the same way I did with the base fabric.

3/4 of an episode of Game of Thrones later, and you have a kite! I just sewed on a string and tied knots with the scrap fabric I had to the end.  Ruche used ribbons rather than string shows up better in photographs. Like I said, I am rather pleased with the results. I was able to get all of the supplies for a little over $5. Secret: find the section of the craft store with the remnants of leftover fabric. You can usually find some really cute pieces and they're typically 50% off. 

Okay, I hope this wasn't too lame. Time for bed. Goodnight, world. :) 

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Rachel M said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! The kites are ADORABLE!