Tuesday, September 30, 2008

just right.

hmmkimlysthinkin: i have my first behind the wheel this week..
anvoanvoanvoanvo: excited?
hmmkimlysthinkin: nervous.
hmmkimlysthinkin: it'll calm me down before sats hopefully
anvoanvoanvoanvo: oh well thats good
anvoanvoanvoanvo: just remember that driving can be fun
anvoanvoanvoanvo: and that people have a good chance of surviving if you do hit them
hmmkimlysthinkin: hhahaha
hmmkimlysthinkin: thanks so much
np ma'am

have you ever known someone who always seemed to know just the right things to say? whenever you were sad. or hurt. or happy. or confused. or angry. or stressed. hang on to those people. they're rare. and worth a million "friends" who are there just to hang out and have fun.


James Li said...

aww haha :) good luck kimly.

Jessica said...

Indeed. An is one great man.